About Us

Animals are Heaven is the solo enterprise of Nicki Glasser.  Nicki has loved animals her whole life.  The first was her childhood dog Navi a Shetland Sheepdog who had a penchant for barking (a lot) and herding all manner of things from bikes to runners to cars.  Sharing good things with animals – whether it be a good long walk in the park, a soft scratch behind the ears, or a clean littler box – is just a given for Nicki.

So when Nicki got turned onto energy healing’s potential to stop or limit her own suffering from a number of health conditions, it was only natural that she now shares these benefits with animals too. 

She believes she was given these health challenges to help her awaken to her own calling as a healer. Helping others – both people and animals -  is an integral part of living out her life’s purpose.   She considers it an honor to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact Nicki with questions.

Nicki also offers healing for people healingisheaven.com and dog boarding in Charleston SC dogsareheaven.com


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Contact us: Tel. 843-810-2583       nicki@animalsareheaven.com