“I adopted a "special needs" shelter pet who had Dimodex mange and separation anxiety. She had been on the mange treatments since November with very little improvement. She had bald spots on her fur and would constantly chew and lick her sore spots. In addition, every time I would leave her, she would chew my rugs or shoes. Coming home to see what she had gotten into was never fun and very stressful. She did not respond well to crate training so I my only recourse was the thunder shirt. This helped but still did not do the trick. I worked with a dog trainer to try and work through Penny's chewing and destructive behavior to no avail. In February, I found Nicki on the internet and asked her for help with Penny's anxiety. Nicki did 3 days of back to back treatments of Tong Ren and Reiki with Penny. She loved it! She was very still for the treatments and soaked up the healing energy. I noticed a difference with her immediately and she seemed a lot less anxious and more at home. What I did not expect was to wake up on the 4th day after her treatments to see her bald spots of mange were gone! It was like she had regrown fur overnight. Friends who had seen her before Nicki came and after were amazed at how she had regrown her fur that quickly. I owe her rapid healing to the wonderful treatments and would recommend Nicki to anyone with an ailing pet. It worked for us!”


“Monty was a timid, shy, skittish dog who didn’t play with other dogs when we first adopted him. Over the past 6 months he’s become Mr. Personality: loves to play on his own and with other dogs, his fear aggression has greatly reduced and he’s a much happier, calmer dog. Nicki had a huge part to play in that transformation! Monty LOVES her – and he’s a fussy customer. :-)”


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